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Bikers often underestimate the importance of a good pair of riding boots, the one item amongst all riding gear that goes through the maximum wear and tear. The most common question that gets asked is – Why do I need riding boots and not just regular shoes while riding? Well, normal shoes are made of delicate textures or light calfskin that tears up the minute it hits the black-top.  Riding boots then again are composed and built for sturdiness, comfort, insurance, and obviously style. They can confront different components and secure your feet, lower legs and shins while giving you most extreme comfort and movement when riding.

Riding shoes can be sorted comprehensively under 4 types, each tailored to meet the issues of various types of riders and rides.

1. Urban/Street Riding Shoes:


Urban-Street Riding Shoes-taaindia-blog

These are short length shoes, however have hard toe, heel and anchor protection. Ideal for short rides and city riding, they are lightweight and frequently the most agreeable as they don’t limit foot movement.

2. Touring Boots:


Touring boots are designed for long rides, so they are engineered for maximum comfort without compromising on safety of rider. Most of them are waterproof, mid-height and come with either zippers or Velcro for ease of getting in and out of the boots.

3. Sports riding shoes:


These boots are stylish and aggressive, the Sports variant is the go-to-choice for any sports / superbike enthusiast. Although there’s no rule about the type of bike they can be used on. Their Torsion Control System permits lower leg movement yet to a specific level and afterward it stops the movement, limiting strain on the lower leg joints. For lively riders who adore cornering, the sliders help to stay away from harm to the shoe amid foot peg scratching.

4. Adventure riding boots:


They have the most extreme stature among a wide range of boots, giving unparalleled assurance to the legs, and furthermore the largest amount of waterproofing and strength. They as a rule accompany maintenance clasps for a cozy fit and ensure the boots don’t fall off amid harsh and extreme territories. Their thick cowhide development ensures your feet are prepared to take head on affect from stones, flying flotsam and jetsam and parts more.

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