The feeling which you get when you buy a new motorcycle is one of the best moments in rider’s life. The smell of fresh rubber, the feel of an untouched bike and that smooth sound are probably the best parts about getting a new bike. However, once the oddity wears off, you begin to see the little subtleties like a feeble fumes note or that revolting back bumper which begin getting under your skin before long. So here are a few mods that you can make to your bike to give it a one of a kind identity that is more suited to your own tastes.

1. Air Filters

Changing the air filters can improve things significantly to your bike. Filters like K&N not just enable your motor to inhale less demanding and thus enhance execution, however they are the most effortless approach to enhance the sound of your bike.


2.Exhaust System


Exhaust is the most modified part in any bike. The best part about changing the exhaust is the variety that is accessible these days. You can choose between exhausts that produce deep rumbling sounds to ones that positively scream when you twist the throttle. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot attach any exhaust pipe to your bike, it must be suitable for the engine and accompanied with proper air filters or it will just reduce the performance and cause some other unforseen problems.



A projector lamp or colored headlight bulb is a simple and cost effective way to force drivers to notice a bike. It installs in moments and gives the front end of your ride a unique look.

4.Frame Sliders/Crash Bars


Regardless of how great a rider you are, your bike will endure a fall sooner or later. Some nitwit may incidentally drive it over in a parking area or somebody may collide with you out and about. This is the place a crash guard will spare you a bomb in repairs. Crash protects are simple additional items that keep your motor and bicycle outline from affliction broad harm if and when your bike all of a sudden ends up lying on the floor.

5.Luggage System


This is a must system every rider should have. You are planning a road trip and that without luggage system will not be complete. Regardless of whether you’re going right down the square or the nation over, there are times you require more than the stuff in your pockets and the garments on your back. Taking advantage of the restricted land on a bike is the name of the amusement, and picking the correct bike baggage answer for you and your bike is the key.

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